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Beach House at Lovers Point

Pacific Grove, CA, United States
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We were told by our friends that when we were in Pacific Grove we needed to try the Beach House at Lovers Point. This restaurant has an awesome Sunset special until 5:30 for drinks and dinner. As an added bonus, the view of the coastline was serene and beautiful. The menu offerings are solid, providing a range of dishes that reflect the nearby still-thriving fishing town while also having a variety for those who are not so fond of seafood. On this visit I had themahi mahi, while my husband had the roasted half chicken. The chicken was moist and smelled wonderful. It comes with Yukon potatoes, a very savory sage-leek gravy and roasted butternut squash. Roasted chicken is one of my favorite foods and this combination of vegetables makes a very enjoyable meal. The mahi mahi was also very good. This mild dish was backed up with crabmeat, a rice pilaf, asparagus and an avocado and dijonaise sauce. The entire presentation was better than other places I've tried and like the other dishes, showed some care went into assembling the ingredients. A great lovely meal after a long day exploring the aquarium.
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