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Battleship New Jersey

Camden, NJ, United States
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Camden, New Jersey is not the tourist destination like Philadelphia is, but it does have a few tourist attractions. One of them is the Battleship New Jersey along the waterfront. Not only can you see and learn about America’s most decorated and largest battleship, but, if you have kids, they can participate in the many extra events they have there. Like free Buzz cuts for back to school, pool parties, overnights and birthday parties. WWII Victory Day was just celebrated on the ship this week and coming up this weekend they will have 130 Ford Mustangs on display. One thing to note if you tour the battleship is that you will be climbing ladders and stepping over passageways.
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Battleship New Jersey
Battleship New Jersey
Tours from 9:30am-5pm daily, rain or shine. They also hold events and other fun activities there as well.

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by tnguyen2005


I didn't know this was America's largest and most decorated battleship. Good read!