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Barceloneta, CT, Spain
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I know that Barcelona, I hear at least, is changing really rapidly. I have not been there since 2015 and it makes me sad when I read some of the articles about what is possibly the over-touristing of the city and how locals are feeling squeezed out by Air BnB and what some people call internationals. I hope to go back soon, yet maybe I will prefer during the low season when the impact of tourism is less pronounced. Going for work in 2015 gave me a totally different view of the city than when I had had gone for purely touristic purposes in the past. I got to pop my head out of friends windows and just watch the street life from a place that was not a hotel, I got to go to food cooperatives and CSAs and cultural centers and schools, and basically get off the beaten path and off the Rambla a bit to enjoy what so many locals are loathe to lose, which is a really beautiful city with a really amazing way of life. Here's to wishing I make it back before 2020 has closed upon us!
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Mercat de la Terra - Slow Food
A market dedicated to Slow Food as a cultural and a gastronomical movement
Centre de Cultura Contemporània de Barcelona
A great place with great people who hosted our organizing meetings while in Barcelona

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by Echochaser21


Ugh. The double-edged sword of AirBnB. I think sometimes that's just what happens when money is involved. At the risk of cementing my status as a shill for, that's one of many reasons I've loved using that as an alternative - not only does it save me money (staying with hosts is free), but it keeps the motivation for hosts to, well, host, from shifting to a profit-mindset, and all the accompanying, unintentional issues that have been developing because of it. I mean, that said, I've also stayed in a number of AirBnBs, so I may be a pirate with only one leg to stand on here...