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Barceloneta Beach

Barceloneta, CT, Spain
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Barceloneta has around 2.5 miles 4 km of beaches and the most popular is Platja de la Barceloneta, which is closest to the downtown district of the city and draws in locals and tourists. Barceloneta is the old quarter for fishermen, which has streets laid out in a distinctive grid system. In the later years of the twentieth century it became rundown but then along came the Olympic Games in 1992 and the whole area was regenerated. The beach is a colorful mix of human inhabitants of Barcelona. We headed there for a swim in the Mediterranean and to strip off and bask in the Spanish sun.
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Barceloneta Beach
Barceloneta is a Barcelona favorite yellow metro line to get off at.
Platja de la Barceloneta
and the most popular is Platja de la Barcenoleta beach
La Estrella Herida
There's L'Estel Ferit 1992 a large twisted cuboid monument by artist

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by teebeetoo


Loved this place! Also, look around for the little cafeterias were the older folks eat, they're great!