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Barbecue: my kind of sport

Kansas City, MO, United States
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The best accidental hobby I have picked up is judging competition barbecue. Having lived in Kansas City for seven years, opportunities abound, and it's easy to get hooked accidentally as I did with the American Royal. The American Royal is a huge contest, with over 500 teams competing. With so many entries, many judges are needed, including non-certified.

The Kansas City Barbecue Society sanctions events all around the US -- and more recently, all around the world as well! Judging is not easy, it really takes focus and thought. The cooks are spending a lot of time and money to compete, and while they have passion for the activity, they also want a fair shot at the substantial prize money available. If you have any doubts about the seriousness, the oath that kicks off every contest will dispel those!
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Joe's Kansas City Barbecue
Annoyingly popular at lunch time, particularly given their cramped spot in a gas station, but the pork sure is good
Gates Bar-B-Q
Almost aggressively friendly, another classic KC barbecue institution. The ribs are great.
Arthur Bryant's Barbeque
When it comes to bbq places, this is one of the classics, a place with great history and where politicians come to pander

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