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Bald Eagle, Beautiful sunsets, and More less than an hour from the city

Montague Township, NJ, United States
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A late Spring/Early Summer escape to the northernmost part of NJ yielded some pretty beautiful and fun stuff. I wish we could post videos here so I could show you guys the group of people who go up to the tops of the mountains to play music for each other and passers by during the summer months, because they have been out and about and it's really just such a fun surprise. There seems to be more beautiful sunsets all the time, which I have heard is unfortunately due to the sun reflecting off of particulate matter in the air, but it surely creates some really stunning views. I actually grew up here and had no idea that bald eagles could be spotted so easily!
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ShopRite of Newton
The closest place to get a Lakeland Bus to or from Penn Station
New Jersey 15
The easiest way to get up to Augusta from points east aka NYC


Riviera Maya Mexican Restaurant
A Mexican restaurant relatively nearby that I think is terrible but locals think is great

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