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Bahama trip

Freeport, Freeport, The Bahamas
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I went on a group tour around the Bahamas. This is a nice group of islands located near Florida and Cuba. I really enjoyed the less touristy places of the island. I went on a group tour checking out some of the less traveled areas. I really enjoyed the views from the rocky cliffs because you could see how crystal clear the ocean was and there was a nice breeze at all times so it never felt to hot. I was surprised that there were even places on the little islands that werent tourist filled but indeed there is plenty!
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Grand Bahama International Airport
This is the place to fly into the bahamas very small airport.

Bars and nightlife

Tony Macaroni's Conch Experience
This is a cool experience and the drinks are great.
Grabbers Bed Bar and Grill
fish, chips and plenty of drinks with amazing service here


Freeport Resort & Club
one of the fancier hotels on the islands with lots of security and staff.
Coral Sands
they have a nice pool and housekeeping is great at what they do!

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