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Bad Daddy's Burger Bar

Fayetteville, NC, United States
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When you're on the road, sometimes you just need to have a good burger. That's how we ended up at Bad Daddy's Burger Bar and I sure am glad we did! This place had a ton of signature burgers and every delicious snack you can imagine. They even have their own beer Big Daddy's Amber Ale. We got an order of fries pickles, because why wouldn't we, and I got the magic mushroom burger with tots. All of the food was really good. Our waitress said that Bad Daddy's Burger Bar is a regional chain that started in NC and that they have branched out a little, so keep your eyes peeled! I know I will!
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Fayetteville is a nice small City with good food options.


Bad Daddys Burger Bar
Bad Daddys Burger Bar
Bad Daddy's Burger Bar Is a great regional chain to eat at.

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