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Back through Brandy Gap

East Salem, WV, United States
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In my last story, I wrote about one of my traditional turn around points on the North Bend Rail Trail. Usually when I come to this stretch, it is only to photograph and admire the Brandy Gap Tunnel also known as the Flinderation Tunnel. I have spent hours in some of these tunnels documenting very beautiful stone and brick work. I have a deep interest in history and a deep interest in these tunnels knowing that my 2X Great Grandfather worked on this railroad line.

On my last trip to West Virginia, I was planning to continue east of the Brandy Gap tunnel towards the town of Wolf Summit. I actually made two visits to the tunnel with the idea of continuing East. On one of my visits, my trip was interrupted by a sudden rainstorm. It had been drizzling for much of the day, but after I emerged from the tunnel, I noticed that the skies were getting much darker and it looked like it could pour any time. I quickly walked back through the tunnel and back to my car. Right after I got into my car it started to pour and continue to pour for a very long time.

During my other recent visit, I spent a long time photographing various details in the tunnel and I was beginning to run short of daylight. Thus, both times I ended up returning back home via the tunnel instead of exploring the next stretch of the trail. Maybe next time.
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