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B-Speak – Weird Name, Yet Heavenly Tasteful Roll Cakes

Yufu, Ōita Prefecture, Japan
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There are many famous shops and restaurants in charming hot spring town of Yufuin in Kyushu Island (the island located in the southwestern side of the main island in Japan). Out of those, one far stand out of the rest is a bakery with somewhat weird name B-Speak. This bakery is outrageously popular which is clearly evident that I saw countless number of tourists holding this bakery’s bag. Before my visit to Yufuin, I researched and found out the popularity of this palce which says if you come late afternoon, they are sold out. I visited there right after their opening time at 10 am and I brought the precious roll cake to my room. They emphasized that the roll cakes is good only until the night of the day of purchase, but recommended to eat as soon as it was purchased. I am not sure how to describe, but it felt like somewhat plain but at the same time with a deep taste.
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