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Awesome Rock Formations at Elk City Lake

Elk City, KS, United States
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Elk City Lake in southeastern Kansas features some awesome hiking trails. These trails just might change your impressions of Kansas - especially if your impressions of Kansas are limited to Interstate Highways and movies. The Table Mound Trail, Elk River Trail, and others will take you around some really nice rock formations. This area features some moderately thick limestone formations as well as some timber that is more commonly associated with the Chautauqua Hills a few miles to the west. If you are going to be in southeastern Kansas, you really should check out the trails at Elk City Lake - but I would recommend hiking them in the fall or early spring when you are less likely to encounter ticks, poison ivy, and other stuff that you would rather avoid. A nice winter day works as well. This area is far enough south that it does see some pleasant days in the winter months.
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