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Avondale Estates Art Lot

Avondale Estates, GA, United States
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I love finding cool street art and always take a bunch of pics of things I see when I'm out and about. While visiting some family in Avondale Estates, Georgia, I was told about the Art Lot. The Art Lot is a cool area that was created with the idea that the art created there would draw people to the downtown area of Avondale Estates. That is probably a good idea since this Atlanta suburb doesn't have much else to draw crowds to it... Anyway, we spent about an hour checking out the really creative art that was a part of this lot. It's rare to see a good chunk of street creativity in a place like this and I am really glad that we got to experience it during our visit.
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The ArtLot
The ArtLot
A really neat street art area in downtown Avondale Estates.

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