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Autumn in West Jersey

Cherry Hill, NJ, United States
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I have family in Cherry Hill, New Jersey. As such, I am obligated to venture to the Cherry Hill area every few months to share dinner and stores with the extended family. As should be no surprise, this gets rather old rather quickly. As such, I usually like to plan a long walk just to give myself some alone time and to be along with my thoughts. I sometimes take the family dog along on the walk with me. One such walk took led me face to face with a beautiful array of orange and yellow trees during the fall season in Cherry Hill. I snapped these photos - dog included - at that time. It was a welcome relief from a whirlwind weekend involving lots and lots of family.
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Old Orchard Road
Lots of very livable homes aligning a cute suburban street
Cherry Hill
Good suburban town with a fair amount to do at night; lots of traffic during the day

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