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Aswan High Dam!

Aswan, Aswan Governorate, Egypt
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The Aswan High Dam is a significant place in the Aswan region of Egypt. It has also become a very popular spot for tourists. It is the largest embankment dam built on the Nile. I was actually surprised to see busses and shuttles of tourists making this one of their stops. There is also an informative display of its history and how Russia played a significant role in building this dam in the region. The dam was definitely a big help to Egypt's growing population and its local economy. After a visit to the dam you can also check out another landmark here which is a memorial dedicated to Russia and Egypt. Overall if you have time to spare you can make a quick stop here.
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Culture and experiences

Temple of Kom Ombo
The Temple of Kom Ombo was a nice visit for me. I love how some areas were very well preserved even the ancient Egyptian calendar area.

Points of interest

You can definitely take a motor boat ride from Aswan to the Nubian Village.
Nubian Village
Nubian Village was an interesting experience. The local family was very welcoming and hospitable.
Aswan High Dam
The Aswan High Dam highlights the modern need of the local city.. It was also built with the help of Russia.
Woke up early to get ready for our road trip from Luxor to Aswan. Make sure to plan well. Tours can be ridiculously expensive here compared to other places.
Aga Khan Mausoleum
During the boat ride on the Nile, I got to see this mausoleum sitting on the hill along the river.
Nubian Desert
If you're craving some desert vibes, you can ride a camel in the Nubian village/desert.
Crocodile Museum
Before arriving to the high dam we checked out the Ko Ombo Temple and the crocodile museum a few steps away from it. Very interesting place.
Tourist information
Come check out the tourist info in Aswan and plan your daily itinerary!

Special activities

Unfinished Obelisk
The unfinished Obelisk highlights the advance stone work they did back then. Come prepared to walk to get a close up view.

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