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Aswan, Egypt
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My friends and I decided to travel to the south of Egypt for 2 reasons; 1) to take a Nile sailing trip and 2) to visit the archaeological site at Abu Simbel. Planning this itinerary means one thing: that you need to head due south to Aswan.

How did I arrive to Aswan? By 18 hour train ride from Cairo of course! You have 2 options on the train, 2nd or 1st class. The second class is something like 7 bucks and the first class is 14. Take it from me...Egyptian trains are not the place to start getting frugal. Take the first class!

While Aswan is a great launching point for these two adventures, the city itself offers quite a bit to do for the curious traveler. The Tombs of the Nobles and Elephantine Island are two of the biggest sites to see. Also, I would recommend a few hours walking around their local market. It's really a great way to get to know the people and pick up some cheap eats!
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