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Assateague Island - Wild Ponies on the Beach

Chincoteague Island, VA, United States
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If you love the beach, Assateague Island offers a little something "special" to your sandy, salty stop....ponies! The island is home to a few herds of wild ponies, which roam the island freely, often hanging out right on the beach with you. You can enjoy the ocean or the bay side. There are lifeguards at towers along the beach, but remember, this is a national park area, so you will need to bring your own food and beverages (there are no food vendors or stands available). For me, that's a plus, because I don't like the busy scene of boardwalks and such. We typically enter from the south end, through Chincoteague, seeing the ponies in the marshy area just before arriving on the sandy beach. From that area, we haven't had the ponies on the beach with us. Other friends have entered from the north entrance, near Ocean City, MD, and they have had the ponies right next to them on the sand. So...that might be something to consider if you're looking for more direct viewing of the ponies during your visit.
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Assateague Island
I love the beach, but add some wild ponies in, and you've got a great day!

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