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Art Fair

Belleville, IL, United States
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Some days we just like to do day trips, finding places that are not too far from home to explore. We love going to different Art Fairs, and we found this one located in Belleville Illinois, so we headed over there to check it all out. It was a really fun experience! There were so many different artists’ booths set up, from ceramics, photography, painting, digital graphic design, mixed media, jewelry, sculptures, etc. There was a lot of eye candy! There were a lot of different food booths set up from local restaurants and bakeries as well as different “creative” talks and hands on experiences for both adults and children. All day as well different bands played, there was a main area and a side group, which made for a nice ambience for a quick bite with great music! All in all, it was a wonderful day, sometimes it is just as much fun and experience to find a place to visit not too far from home.
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