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Arriving at the Uyuni Airport

Uyuni, Potosi Department, Bolivia
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After a short 40 minutes flight from the La Paz's El Alto Airport by the Amaszonas Airlines, I arrived at the Uyuni Airport. The airport was pretty dark as there are only a few flights in a day and we got there at 7:40 pm. There is no jet bridge in the airport and you have to straight walk to the terminal which is very small and close to the plane. Your luggage is brought to the terminal in a carriage which looks very similar to what I have seen in the Pokhara Airport in Nepal. There is no conveyor belt in the baggage claim. You just pick up your luggage as it is brought in. Well the flight itself is so small (maybe ~30 passengers?) there is no confusion here in this kind of manual baggage system. Uyuni again is near 12,000 feet above sea level and the temperature plummets down to freezing temperature in early May. Fortunately, the airport the taxi fare is regulated and standardized and it was 15 Bolivianos at night to the town (wherever your destination in the town does not matter) and 10 during the day.
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Joya Andina Airport
A very small airport, no jet bridge, taxi fare between the town and the airport is 15 Bolivianos at night (10 during the day)

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