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Arches National Park Part 3

Moab, UT, United States
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We were back to our car and now the parking lot was so full people waiting for spaces! I was smart to bring buns so we ate those as lunch instead of wasting time to drive out of the park back to Moab to eat then come back again. That saved us at least 1.5 hours! After our quick lunch, we continued on…it was around noon!

The beautiful pink flowers of the desert on the road side  The next stop was to Sand Dune Arch. The trail was so much easier than Devil’s Garden! The entrance was very narrow…it reminded me of the slot canyon of Antelope Canyon.

The eye-blinding glow of the bright orange sandstone! Sand Dune Arch…..under the arch is fine powdery orange sand so whenever the wind blow, it’s very dusty, close your eyes! The landscape is so beautiful!

Continue onward to Broken Arch…..I was very cautious even though it was flat because snake could hike in those bushes! It was hot and no shade ahh forget to mention don’t forget to reapply sunscreen!

Broken Arch, hum where is it “broken”? I was looking like…how to get up there? The La Sal Mountains on the back! We walked back from that point because continue on will only lead to the other parking lot. The views along the drive back!

We were back to The Windows Rd and stopped at Garden of Eden, wow amazing those rock formations! More panos and the white clouds moved in with the bluest sky! More standing “towers” balancing bigger rock on top. Continue on to Double Arch!

It was so much crowded than the Double “O” Arch! Now it was hard to take a photo without others! Double Arch was more massive than I thought! In the background are the North and South Windows and Turret Arch. We were exhausted by that time, checking at my iPhone, we already hiked 10 miles woah!!!

Time to head back to our hotel to rest a bit then dinner and come back again! Passing by more “pancake” rocks and incredible scenery! The sun started to get cover by clouds again so we decided to make one more stop at Park Avenue, this is best when the sun shines on the rocks to give the orange glow! Although no sunshine when we got there, it really looked like tall buildings on an avenue!

The trail started with stairs continually going downward (oh boy I can’t imagine to climb those stairs up on the way back)! We were quite tired that we negotiated only to that rock that looked like “the middle finger pointing” LOL and turn back instead of hiking the whole path! We turned back and oh my those stairs going back up were killing my feet! We got back to our car and continue on our way out of the park…one more stop..a viewpoint to see the road leading back to Moab!

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Amazing pictures!