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Another awesome AirBnB

Reykjahlíð, Iceland
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This one was near Akureyri and part of the Brunalog farm. We actually stayed in the same home as with the host Nanna. She was so nice to us and took care of us as if we were her family. She prepared breakfast for us with produce from her own farm. The food was amazing and the conversation about politics, sports, culture, and nature was even better. The view of the mountains from her was simply stunning and we talked a lot about climate change and rapidly melting ice cap of many of the permanent glaciers. Naana and her husband told us stories about how Iceland is changing over the years and how the financial crisis of 2008 hit it so hard. The economy is recovering and doing very well actually thanks to the explosion of tourism.
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Points of interest

Botanical Garden Akureyri
Botanical Garden Akureyri is a nice park with local flora and good for kids
Old Farm Íslandsbærinn
Old Farm Íslandsbærinn is the neighboring farm with another guesthouse
Sundlaug Eyjafjarðarsveitar (Sundlaugin Hrafnagili)
Sundlaug Eyjafjarðarsveitar (Sundlaugin Ratnagiri), Skolatrod Road, Eyjafjarðarsveit, Iceland - community facility in the small village.
It is the neighboring town with few more Airbnb accommodations and a grocery store.
Brúnalaug Guesthouse
Brúnalaug Guesthouse is part of the Brúnalaug farm which is owned by Nanna and her family. It was an awesome place to stay.
The second most populated city of Iceland with all the modern amenities


Indian Curry House
We were tempted to check out this carry out restaurant but the prices at Indian Curry House inhibited us to venture inside. The good thing about these restaurants is that they exhibit the menu outside so that you won't be too embarrassed to go inside to find out that the prices are too high for your budget.
Noa Seafood Restaurant
Noa Seafood Restaurant - we had lunch here. Awesome seafood soup and homemade loaves of bread. But, as with other places in Iceland - very expensive.


Olís Akureyri
Olis gas stations are a big travel hack in Iceland - you get awesome hot food including Icelandic lamb hotdogs at a fraction of a price. We had our lunch at Olis or N1 almost every day.
This is the place to pick up your food and other supplies while you are in the town. Very economical considering other places in Iceland.

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