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Annapolis, MD, United States
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Some years back I was in Virginia visiting my oldest son and decided to take a quick trip to See the US Naval Academy in Annapolis because my youngest son was considering that as an option. It was a little bit of a drive from Norfolk but at least it wasn't snowing. I took the trip across the Chesapeake Bay Bridge-Tunnel and up the coast before cutting across to Annapolis. It was a decent drive and I saw how different the countryside is compared to where I live in CA. I got to the Academy and found it to be a very beautiful campus and surrounding area. I was restricted as to where I could walk but the trip was still worth the drive. I took the inland route back to Norfolk. Oh, my youngest son ended up going to UNLV on a swimming scholarship not the Naval Academy.
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Chesapeake Bay Bridge Tunnel
Chesapeake Bay Bridge Tunnel
This was my first experience at a tunnel that deep under the water

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Naval Academy
Naval Academy
A beautiful and prestigious campus. The surrounding area is beautiful as well

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