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Andersonville National Historic Site

Andersonville, GA, United States
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The Andersonville National Historic Site is a great little place to visit in the town of (you guessed it!) Andersonville. When you go here, you see that there are actually three things to do during your visit, the prison site, the National POW museum and the Andersonville National Cemetery. We ended up going here because we had a friend go here and they recommended it. Thankfully we spend a lot of time between Florida and Georgia and were able to pencil it in during a road trip.

While we were there, we were able to do the free driving tour. What is unique about this is that you can request the media from the visitors center and just use it in your own car. It was right around an hour long and when we were done, we simply returned it back to the office. It was really informative about the history of this site and it took us to different places that most people who are visiting this site would find interesting. Of course when all was said and done, we made sure to get a stamp in our National Park Passport book!
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A rather cute town in Georgia, not much going on besides the National Historic Site.
Andersonville National Historic Site - National Prisoner of War Museum
A great museum location at the National Historic Site. They had a film or two and a small hall with exhibits.
Andersonville National Cemetery
One of the three parts that can be seen when visiting the Andersonville National Historic site. Resting place for many civil war heroes.
Andersonville National Historic Site
Andersonville National Historic Site
Located in Andersonville, it is a great site in Georgia for history buffs or NP fanatics.

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