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Ancient Ephesus

Selçuk, İzmir, Turkey
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The site of ancient Ephesus, first built around 1000 BC, but partially destroyed several times, is one of the best preserved city sites from early antiquity. In the photos attached you'll see beautiful statues, a medical doctor's 'street sign', latrines, directions on foot to a brothel, and the roads Paul of Tarsus walked to convert the Ephesians. The treasury of the city has to be the Library of Celsus at the end of the long main road. This is one of those sites where you need either a good guidebook or preferably a guide, and several hours to explore.
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by aesculapius


Beautiful photos!

by jwudiamond


Looks much better preserved compared to the Forum in Rome.

by ProfFrancesca


It is actually much better preserved than most sites in Rome. Partly it is because it is a much less inhabited area (especially compared to the forum, where ever since ancient Rome, the people have been looting it to build newer buildings). They've made even more discoveries since I was there, which are open to public tours.

by stevesoffers


I loved walking through this ancient city, but the most memorable experience was while we were waiting on the bus to go back to the cruise ship. A guy jumped on the bus and yelled "Hello, were you looking for me? I am Turkish Delight Man!". Afterward I felt a little bad because everyone just burst out laughing at him and he left without making a sale. Also, while walking around Ephises and Kusadasi, my blonde friend kept getting "clicked" at by guys. She felt like they were talking to a horse.