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An interesting find on the Las Vegas Strip

North Las Vegas, NV, United States
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While walking around the alleyway of the LinQ, exploring all the shop, we ran into a huge candy store called I love Sugar. The store was very inviting due to its massive display at the front of the store and along the way, you can see all sorts of color of candy. On the first floor is gummy candy of all sorts, purchased by the pound. on the second floor is chocolate candy and the best part is the bar, it was only opened a week ago. The drinks are made with dry ice and will create smoke from the drink, it was pricey but a nice experience.
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McCarran International Airport
The airport we flew in and out for our 3 night stay


Treasure Island
Where we stay for 3 nights while doing day trips to surround area

Points of interest

Las Vegas Strip (Las Vegas Blvd)
This is the main road that run through this casino strip
Las Vegas Strip
A must do, just walk around and you will come across something fun
Las Vegas Strip
Located right on the strip, this is a "alleyway" and filled with surprises


Linq Lane
The whole area is located just outside the LinQ and is filled with restaurants and shop
I Love Sugar (Las Vegas)
home to the world's largest gummy bear, 5 lbs and 10 inches tall
I Love Sugar (Las Vegas)
The bar is surprising with giant "dry ice" drinks, it was yummy
I Love Sugar (Las Vegas)
The first floor is main gummy, second floor is chocolate and a bar
I Love Sugar (Las Vegas)
The place is filled with all sort of gummy and goodies

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