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An awesome discovery

Cranberry Lake, NY, United States
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We spend a fair amount of time at Cranberry Lake when we visit NY during the summer because we have a family member who owns a secluded camp on the lake shore. It's a great place to be because there are no neighbors, no roads (and yes, no electricity). We spend a lot of our time hiking different trails that have been set up around the lake. On this particular day, we were hiking a trail down Brandy Brook and we ran into the two-headed snake that is in the picture. He wasn't as fast as other snakes, for obvious reasons, so I was able to point it out to the kids and grab a pic. It was a really cool discovery!
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by gefe57


That’s awesome. I just recently saw something on TV about a snake like that.

by onemonth


Cool - I have only seen a 2 headed snake in a newspaper

by Stormtroopin2


That's so cool!!!