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An Exciting Jungle of Animals(Miami Jungle Island Zoo)

Florida, FL, United States
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This jungle zoo is awesome. Although it is a zoo, and for the most part it does not look like a jungle after all, it does have some bushes, plants, water, and flowers that could compose of a jungle. There are many kinds of animals, such as birds, tigers, monkeys, sheep, kangaroos, turtles, alligators, and horses, and so on and so on. Especially Sheep and Kangaroos can be petted on for free. However, the more complete variety of species there are birds. There are animal shows that start at fixed times. I enjoyed the bird show and the tiger show. At the end of the tiger show, people can pay $5 to pet the baby tigers.
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Miami-Dade County
If you pay extra fee, you can pet more animals of different species.

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by JimCatt


This looks amazing!