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An Egyptian "Supermarket"

Edfu, Aswan Governorate, Egypt
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An Egyptian style "supermarket" (as our tour leader calls them!) is nothing more than a small, locally-operated outlet alongside the streets of most cities in Egypt. Definitely not our first impression and certainly not a big box-type store! These small stalls sell a variety of munchies, drinks, canned goods and other non-perishables and usually contain not more than 5-6 freezer or cooler doors of cold items like yogurt and milk. You'd also be lucky if you came across any stores that actually price anything. Nothing is marked so in all likelihood as a white, rich looking tourist from the U.S. and/or Europe, you can bet you're probably getting overcharged, if you're by yourself without a local guide. It definitely helped having our Egyptian tour guide stand right there at checkout to make sure none of us were getting overcharged by the shop clerk! I bought a whole giant bag full of dates, munchies and a couple of cold drinks for about 100 Egyptian pounds, or about $6 USD, for the long 2-hour bus ride ahead to Luxor.
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Luxor Governorate
Luxor is the "heart" of Ancient Egypt. We'd see lots of temples, including the Valley of The Kings, in the days ahead.
Was hiting the road for a 2-3 hour bus trip to Luxor from Edfu. Stocked up on snacks and the like.

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