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An Artsy Bike for an Artsy City

Florence, Tuscany, Italy
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I recently came across an article written by RJeanR featuring this bike with watermelon wheels and it made the world feel a little smaller. I also could not pass up the opportunity to snap a picture of this artsy bike when I was traveling in Italy a few years ago. I know I have mentioned it before, but I am always amazed with how many of us have shared similar travel experiences and deemed the same things photo worthy. Anyways, we did grab a quick bite at Caffe del Borgo and the food was decent. I remember having a good pastry here, but mostly remember the bike.
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Florence is full of artsy things like the bike pictured above


Caffè del Borgo
Caffe del Borgo is a nice stop for a quick bite to eat

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by traveler917


I am in kudo jail, so catch you later, but I love it! It is great how some things catch multiple people's eyes!

by nowwhere160


I agree, it is amazing to see stories of the places I have visited and find that the same interesting items attract comment. I actually really enjoy reading another's perspective on something I have seen or visited.

by RJeanR


Too funny! Thank you for posting your pic, I remember being in Florence a couple of years ago. But it seems like just yesterday! What a fun city. I would love to go back again. You always put such a great spin on your stories. Thank you!

by Liketraveling


What also strikes me is how small the world has become...there is not much out there that others haven't seen took a big leap through the invention of the internet, no doubt about it. But taking the same pic of a bike, that is funny!