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Americans don’t like to talk about this

Huot, MN, United States
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Did you know that at this location, millions of acres of some of the most fertile land in the US was ceded to the United States by Red Lake and Pembina bands of Chippewa in 1863. How many people learned about this in school? I certainly didn’t and I grew up in Minnesota. This is a truly historical spot in the history of the United States and western expansion, but you’d never know. Perhaps because American’s don’t like to talk about it or rather don’t know about it. History is complex, and this is just my opinion, but I’m not proud of US history’s past in respect to the negotiations with the Native American’s at this spot. (Read old historical texts to form your own opinion) Huot is a small town, with beautiful countryside where several Native American tribes hunted and lived. In the area that is now northern Minnesota, Native Americans traded with Europeans, mostly the French, long before there was an America.
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The Chautauqua and French-Canadian/Métis Festival is held annually in August

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Old Crossing Memorial Park Historical Marker
Old Crossing Memorial Park Historical Marker
A significant (but mostly unknown) historical spot of importance, especially if your ancestors lived in Minnesota and or North Dakota.

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