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Amber is big in the Baltics

Sztutowo, Pomeranian Voivodeship, Poland
22 Kudos
While heading back toward Gdansk, we stopped at a local shop, called the Amber Room, to view and purchase (if we wanted) amber. Amber is Poland’s native gemstone, and The stone to bring home from the Baltics area. Our guide had enquired as to whether we wanted to stop at this small, local shop, telling us that if we wanted to purchase any amber it would be less expensive than if we waited to do so in the town center in Gdansk. I picked up a couple pairs of earrings, one the yellow brown we all think of when we think of amber, but another rarer pair in the color of white. Our guide was correct, the prices were inexpensive. It is always nice to support a small, mom and pop shop.
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