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Amber Fort

Jaipur, RJ, India
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I decided not to ride on an elephant along the hill trails to reach Amber Fort as I was afraid to fall down from it. The members of the royalty who used to live in Amber Fort rode elephants to get up there. I had to be careful while walking up as the grounds had elephants' droppings. After admiring the Amber Fort architecture, I walked through the beautiful entrance gate,and headed directly towards the gorgeously landscaped gardens. In front of one side of the garden, there is a section where the walls and ceilings are built with numerous mini mirrors. On my way to the toilet, I passed by the toilets used during the 16th century - they are merely holes on the ground.
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Amber Palace
Amber Palace
The walkway to the Amber Fort is filthy, so we had to be careful not to step on feces. The Amber Fort itself was beautiful.


1135 AD
A local restaurant with an elegant, historical ambiance with amazing food cooked by traditional methods to match.

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