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Amazing Sukiyaki

Hakodate, Hokkaido, Japan
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If you're a meat lover, I high recommend getting some sukiyaki in Japan. Well, actually, I recommend all the different ways to wagyu in Japan (sukiyaki, teppanyaki, it all!) We found an amazing sukiyaki in spot in Hakodate called Asari Honten that had a great lunch deal. It was around $50 per person for the wagyu set that included vegetables and rice at the end. The meat was very high quality. The service was great and you get your own private tatami room. Take the Hakodate streetcar to the Horaicho Station and from there, it's less than a minute walk to the restaurant.
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Jujigai Station
If you take the train, the closest station is Jujigai Station and from there it's less than a 10 minute walk.
You can take the streetcar there to the Horaicho Station and from there it's less than a minute walk.


If you're not full from sukiyaki, you can grab a snack at the takoyaki stand close by!
Asari Honten
Asari Honten
Delicious sukiyaki spot! Great lunch deal, and private tatami rooms.

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