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Amazing Grace Chemical Store

Hohoe, Volta Region, Ghana
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Passing through Hohoe (prounced Ho-way) in central Ghana enroute to the coast, one member of our party had a bit of digestive distress, so we looked around for a pharmacy. There were all kinds of businesses along the main road through town, but nothing resembling a pharmacy. We were directed by some locals to the "Amazing Grace Chemical Store", but were skeptical, thinking it would be more like an industrial and farm chemical store, similar to the "Victorious Jesus Agro Chemical Store" we had just passed (business named along religious themes is very very common here). But this store did in fact have a few human drugs available, however not many. These type stores are allowed to carry just a few medicinal items, including anti-malarials, analgesics and some cough mixtures. Actual pharmacies are a lot harder to find, so the access to medicines is tough for the people. However, they did not have anything resembling antacids or good old Pepto Bismol like we were looking for unfortunately. But it was interesting to go in and look around and watch our compadre pantomime what he wanted by pointing to his stomach, grimacing and bending over etc etc. ;)
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