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Alta Lakes of Colorado

Telluride, CO, United States
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High above Dolores, Colorado and right before Telluride there is a little place called Alta, Alta Lakes or Alta Ghost town. It is paradise!! It is right off Dolores Hwy 145 and it is part of the Million Dollar Highway. The drive itself is incredible as it is located on one of Colorado’s scenic highways.

When you detour off the highway towards a clearly marked sign that says Alta you might want to have a 4 wheel drive or at least a high profile vehicle as the roads up to the Lake are pretty rough. We did not have to place our vehicle in 4 wheel drive but the high profile helped.

The Lakes are past Alta’s Ghost town which is an old mining town with many buildings still standing. It’s is said the first place alternating current was used. (Think Tesla) The little town is a destination on its own. There are many buildings you can photograph as well as look at up close.

Up the mountain a little farther I would guess at elevation 10,000 plus you will find Alta Lakes. These are mountain lakes at their finest. The beauty is hard to explain as you look over these lakes to the outlying mountain ridges. It is here Colorado shines as it’s ruggedness and awe inspiring views are some of the best the world has to offer.
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Hwy 145
Travel up the pretties river in Colorado.

Points of interest

This is a great little stop before Alta for coffee or light snacks. Sometimes they have one or two restaurants open. It's an old mining town.
After your visit to Alta continue on until you hit Telluride where you can fine shopping, restaurants and much more.


Stop at any of the great little shops to grab a bite before you travel up. My Favorite is the Pony Espresso.

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