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Along the Nile in Cairo

Cairo, Cairo Governorate, Egypt
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Our tour to Egypt had a pretty full schedule over all, but we did have some free time to explore in Cairo at the very end of the trip. We spent a little bit of that time walking around the parks and monuments of Gezira Island. This island is in the Nile River, pretty close to the Egyptian Museum. There are some pleasant botanical gardens there, and an ancient obelisk from the time of Ramses II (13th century BC). Our hotel was right along the Nile River, and indeed, the entire tour, I don't think we were ever more than a couple miles away from the Nile, since there are so many important ancient monuments right beside it.
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Ramses Hilton
Ramses Hilton
In this view from our hotel window, the obelisk is just visible in the lower right

Points of interest

Embassy Of The United States Of America, Cairo
The US embassy is also right along the banks of the Nile in Cairo
The Great Pyramid at Giza
The great pyramids of Giza are not far from the west bank of the Nile
6th of October Bridge
We walked across this bridge to get to Gezira Island
Egyptian Museum Cairo
Fantastic museum of archaeological artifacts from ancient Egypt, including King Tut
Aquarium Grotto Garden
This is another one of the gardens you can stroll through on the island
Cairo Opera House
A performance hall that is also on the very pleasant Gezira Island
Casino Hilton Ramses
This casino affiliated with the hotel is also in central Cairo
Cairo Tower
This very tall tower was erected on Gezira Island in 1961
Al-Masalah Garden
Al-Masalah Garden
The Ramses II obelisk is right beside this nice garden
Gezira Island
Gezira Island
A nice island in the Nile with several monuments and gardens.

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