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All you can Drink $20.00!

Nassau, New Providence, The Bahamas
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Cruise to Nassau Bahamas. This was my second trip here on this particular cruise. This time we docked on a Sunday. Things were much less hectic. Very hard to find a place that was open. Souvenir shops were open around noon and closed by 3 at the Straw Market. Had a hard time finding an open grocery or convenience store to buy a bottle of water. Finally found an open grocer that appears to have opened for a few local friends, but was very nice and let me in anyway.From here I proceeded to walk to Greycliff for some cigars. They make them on the island and you can watch the workers expertly roll them. You can even purchase one that you just watched be made.The beach on the way to Fish Fry is a combination of quiet local families, and closer to town, crazy party animals. The music is bumping and there are hula hoop contests for cash and buckets of beer. The Tiki Hut Bar also offers $20 all you can drink mixed drinks. You get a cool bracelet and a coconut filled with rum. They also offer wi-fi and cabanas. If you're looking to party on the beach this is the place to go. Only about a 15 minute walk to the right of the cruise terminal.
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Bars and nightlife

Tiki Bikini Hut
Close to cruise terminal. Super cheap drinks, maybe a 15 minute walk. Buckets of beer, beer and shot combos, all you can drink. Great friendly staff.


Senor Frogs
Over priced tourist trap food chain. They have multiple locations through out the US and Caribbean. Fun place to stop non the less. I would head farther down the road though and hit up Junkanoo Beach.
Arawak Cay
Go to the fish fry. Its maybe a 20 minute walk from cruise terminal. Fish fry is the name of the area, not a specific restaurant. There are many food shakes selling delicious things, and sit down places. Try the conch fritters for some local flavor.


Straw Market
The straw market is an interesting stop. If you're looking for everyone to put their arm around you and call you "my friend" this is the place to go. Locals sell their crafts to tourists. Its a relatively cheap place to buy a cheap souvenir. They sell these coconut turtles that I am quit partial to purchasing every trip as they make fun gifts for friends. They are on a pull string and "run" around. They do break easily.
Graycliff Cigars
Graycliff Cigars
Hand rolled cigars. You can watch how they are made and then purchase what you'd like. Staff is very helpful and knowledgeable. Reasonable price. The courtyard is rather interesting to stroll through as it is full of wooden statues and local plants. Very relaxing.
Graycliff Chocolatier
Chocolate made on the island. Can be rather expensive but very good. They offer a chocolate making tour for a fee. Interesting stop as they also are a hotel, cigar shop, and restaurant. Unsure of hours.

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