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Alims Fisch Imbiss

Frankfurt, HE, Germany
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Germany is all about bratwurst, currywurst, schnitzel and sauerkraut. Oh.. of course beers. It is rare to find any seafood restaurant. It is a challenging task to find a good seafood restaurant. I was pleasantly surprised to find an excellent seafood restaurant In the big city of Frankfurt. Alims Fisch Imbiss is that seafood restaurant. Alims Fisch Imbiss is located on one of the busiest streets in Frankfurt, Münchener Strasse that is the straight street connecting the Frankfurt main train station and the Römer Square. Because of the location, the street is packed with tourists and locals alike. While the food is not the best that I had, but this is surely one of the greatest places that you can find in Frankfurt. Fish is fresh and food is very good. Portion is very generous and the price is extremely reasonable if not cheap.
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