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Alberta's Vermillion Range

Alberta, AB, Canada
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I love these road side mountain guides, because it is almost impossible for me to figure out which mountain is which when I am in a new place. This is a shot of the Vermillion Range from the town of Banff. Cascade mountain is the most prominent in this picture but you can also see mount Brewster and Tunnel Mountain. We found these helpful guides in numerous spots in the area and studying them helped us to have a little better idea about the geography of the region. Since we went for the mountains, it was nice to have a general idea of what we were looking at!
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Culture and experiences

Cave and Basin National Historic Site
The Cave and Basin National Historic Site is very interesting.


Rimrock Resort Hotel
We stayed at the Rimrock Resort Hotel which was nice.

Points of interest

Banff Park Museum National Historic Site
You should try to visit the Banff Park Museum National Historic Site.
Banff National Park Of Canada
Banff National Park Of Canada is an amazing place to visit.
Vermilion Range
The mountains of the Vermilion Range are truly great to see.
Bow River
The Bow River is beautiful and winds through downtown Banff.
This shot is taken from the lovely town of Banff.


Banff Ave Brewing Co.
Banff Ave Brewing Co is good for food and beer.

Special activities

Bow River Trail
The Bow River Trail is a really nice morning walk.
Johnston Canyon
Then hike into Johnston Canyon is really worth the effort.

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