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Alaska Lounge - JFK Terminal 7

New York, NY, United States
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I was flying on LOT Airlines to Warsaw, Poland and found myself checking in at JFK Terminal 7. Terminal 7 isn't the best of terminals at JFK: it's smaller and has a much more limited selection of shops, restaurants, and lounges. My flight was in premium economy class, which meant that it would be comfortable but no free lounge access. Fortunately, I have a Priority Pass card and it just so happened that the Alaska Lounge in Terminal 7 participates in the program. This lounge is known for closing itself to Priority Pass members during peak hours, and the disappointment set in when I saw the little sign in front of the entrance saying it was currently closed to Priority Pass; however, the lounge looked pretty quiet and empty, so I figured I had nothing to lose by asking if I could get in anyway.

That ended up being a very wise decision, since the attendant mentioned that they simply forgot to take down the sign and of course I could come in! The lounge really was very empty and only part of the food/drink stations were active (it was around 9PM). But what was open was good enough for me: the bar, coffee machine, and some snacks, which was all I wanted at any rate.

The lounge is quite large and has high ceilings and great views of the tarmac. There are plenty of tables and private, semi-enclosed pod-like seats. The service at the bar was great - the bartender repeatedly asked if I wanted a refill. I even struck a conversation with someone at the bar, which is pretty uncommon to be honest, some guy flying to Barcelona.

It wasn't the "grandest" lounge I've been in, but I really liked the vibe. Kind of unpretentious class, very good music playing in the background also. If you're ever flying out of Terminal 7, definitely see if you can get in!
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Wingtips Lounge
This is another lounge that participates in the Priority Pass, JFK Terminal 4. I also went in here but it was PACKED and the atmosphere wasn't that great.
Alaska Airlines - JFK
Alaska Airlines - JFK
This is the lounge referred to in the travel story. Very chill place!


Dunkin' Donuts
One of the places to grab a quick bite at JFK Terminal 7, right near gate 9.

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