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Akureyri: Iceland's Second City

Akureyri, Iceland
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Akureyri is a REALLY small city with the feel of a much larger city. In some ways, I actually liked it better than Reykjavik. It was a more laid back and less "glossy" downtown area, great little cafes, more reasonably priced shops, an artsy vibe (and allegedly an art scene I didn't have time to check out), and much more to do than one would think for a city of around 18k people. Parking is free along the waterfront for one hour, or if you are walking the city feels pretty walkable at its core. It is also a hub for a lot of activities and attractions on the north side of the island.
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This is a beautiful church designed by the same architect who designed Hallgrimskirkja in Reykjavik, along with the national Theater.


This little bakery/cafe might be the most affordable place we ate the entire time we were in Iceland, and the food and baked goods are delicious


Icelandic Red Cross Market
Icelandic Red Cross Market
While the Red Cross in the tourist area of Reykjavik had jaw dropping prices, the Red Cross in Akureyri is actually quite reasonable and friendly. I was able to shop at a little tent they had set up in town and got a cute Icelandic sweater for $40USD.

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