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Afternoon in Boulder, CO

Boulder, CO, United States
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After staying a few days in Denver, my wife and I decided to drive up to Boulder for the day. We unintentionally arrived the day of a University of Colorado home football game, so there was a ton of traffic. We drove around a bit and then went to a grocery store to grab some snacks before heading over to the park to do so hiking. The flatiron area of Boulder is gorgeous, so we found some trails that lead up towards them. We were only able to hike a little while, because we had to catch a flight from Denver to Phoenix later that evening, but it was well worth the trip.
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Sky Harbor Airport Terminal 2
We had a direct flight from Denver to Phoenix. Both airports are nice, and the Skytrain in Phoenix comes in very handy.
At the time, the train to the airport was not completed, so we took a shuttle bus from Union Station. The driver forgot to close the luggage door, so everyone almost lost their luggage...
Denver Airport Station
We had to drive back down to Denver to catch our flight that evening. There is now a train that connects the city to the airport.

Points of interest

City of Boulder Chautauqua Park
This is the park where we went to park and start the hike. There was limited parking that day.
University of Colorado Boulder
We unknowingly drove into a huge traffic jam due to the home football game, but the campus is nice.
Chautauqua Trail
Chautauqua Trail
This is the trail that we hiked while in Boulder. Very nice views.


ink Coffee
We grabbed some coffee at ink! before heading to the airport. Nice place.


Sprouts Farmers Market
We stopped at this grocery store to grab some snacks along the way. Very busy parking lot.

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