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Addis Ababa

Addis Ababa, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
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Addis Ababa in less than 48 hours! Spent a long Israeli weekend in Addis, via Cairo. Got in around 4 am and left 2 days later. Checked out the National Museum of Ethiopia which is the home of Lucy, had some very delicious food, experienced a very different culture, hung out with Ethiopians and Kenyans, went to house party in Addis Ababa, walked a lot, hiked a lot, got ripped off by Taxi drivers cause they know you're tourist. Addis had the best climate, due to its elevation. Very pleasant. And it was sunny too! Stayed in Hotel Lobelia which is near Bole airport
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The main gateway to Ethiopia; nothing to do in the off hours though :(

Culture and experiences

Medhane Alem Cathedral
This place was close to my hotel
National Museum of Ethiopia
National Museum of Ethiopia
Home of Lucy! Super cheap to get in; lots of fossils!


Meskel Square
A major focal point of the city; lots of taxis and people
Hotel Lobelia
Could be better, but was cheap I spent less than 48 hours; chill bar

Points of interest

Patriarch Residence
Patriarch Residence
This building was pretty unique and eye catching
Holy Trinity Cathedral
Hiked up to this place my first day from Meskel Square
Entoto Maryam Church
Quite a hike to get up there!


Lucy Restaurant
Lucy Restaurant
Right by the National Museum; good food!
Lucy Restaurant
Lucy Restaurant
Right by the National Museum; good food!
Variety restaurant and cafe
Variety restaurant and cafe
Had my first Injera here!

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by skling425


I have read about Addis Ababa a few times, thanks for sharing pics/info