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A yellow sand beach in Iceland

Haukadalur, Iceland
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Yellow/White sand beaches are very rare in Iceland and we got to see only one such beach while traveling around the country. We were driving from Bildudalur in Westfjords region to the remote end of Selardalur. The village had a unique exhibit and art museum which was suggested by our host in the Airbnb. We drove on the edge of the Fjords, sometime near the water and other times several hundred feet high. At one point, we drove next to a wide beach with yellow/ white sand and beautiful views of the sea and the mountain. We went down to the beach to check it out but could not stay longer due to high winds.
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Harbour Inn Guesthouse
Harbour Inn Guesthouse is very basic accommodation in the village for the few people that venture that far west in Iceland.

Points of interest

A small but modern church in such a tiny village with less than 100 people living there.
Tálknafjörður is another small town nearby with some facilities and a gas station where you can at least get some hot dogs.
Selárdalur is a small village in the middle of nowhere where an artist started living and made some amazing work.
The nearest village is Bíldudalur with some ~ 300 people living there.


Cafe Dunhagi
Cafe Dunhagi is a local cafe and also a bar which has some nice place to hang out.
A tiny village restaurant in Tálknafjörður, we had fish and a hamburger and the price was reasonable.
Vegamot Bildudal - Café/Shop/Restaurant
Vegamot Bildudal is an all in one place in the little village a Café/Shop/Restaurant altogether and the only place where you can buy stuff here.


Hjá Jóhönnu
We stopped at this small convenience store at Tálknafjörður to pick up some bread and yoghurts for our trip

Special activities

Bíldudalur Camping Ground
Bíldudalur Camping Ground is a very primitive camping facility in the town

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