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A walk around Sapporo city - Hokkaido

Sapporo, Hokkaido, Japan
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Sapporo city was home base for our Hokkaido trip. It served as the hub to catch buses and rails to neighboring towns and cities, like Jozankei, Otaru, and Niseko. It's only right that we look around Sapporo city as well. From Sapporo station, most of the landmarks and places to visit are walking distance, which is wonderful! We were able to visit nijo fish market, this shopping alleyways you see in most major cities in Japan, and a few amazing eateries. One of our favorite restaurants was sauge+, a soup curry place, which was on the same block as Susukino, a popular shopping district and where most of the snow festival sculptures were getting carved. If you've fully explored Tokyo Osaka and the like, I would recommend not spending too much time within Sapporo city. It's beautiful in its own right, but very similar as well.
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Sapporo Station
sapporo station is the primary way to get into the city for tourists, and the hub and spoke for bouncing around to different cities in Hokkaido


ANA Crowne Plaza Hotel Sapporo
during our stay in Sapporo city, we stayed at the ANA Crowne Plaza Hotel Sapporo

Points of interest

Nijokani Market
also walking distance from the popular areas, nijo market is where you can get some fresh and freshly cooked seafood.
Sapporo TV Tower
When we passed through the TV tower, we saw some grade school field trips being taken here. Also, snow festival tents and events were being set up around this landmark
Hokkaido is the north island in Japan's major island chain
I visited Japan about a dozen times already, and am always looking for new experiences in this country.


Sapporo Beer-Garden
as with most tourists, we stopped at the Sapporo Beer-Garden for the genghis khan BBQ buffet.
Suage Soup Curry and Dining
I love the fact that everything is within walking distance from the station, including our hotel and this soup curry place


BIC CAMERA Sapporo Store
BIC CAMERA is a huge department store in Japan. It was beyond packed. The wife picked up a US friendly hair dryer from here
Don Quijote Sapporo Shop
we spent a lot of time buying food and candies to bring home from the Don Quijote Sapporo Shop
UNIQLO Sapporo Esta shop
as with all my Japan trips, got to hit up the UNIQLO for provisions
Tanukikoji Shopping Arcade
One of the more famous shopping arcades, in the winter time, it doesn't seem to be as crowded as the guide book pics look

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