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A stroll in Lake Park

Winona, MN, United States
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Lake Park is not the most inspired name for a park, but it’s quite a nice place for a stroll or an easy bike ride. The paved biking/walking paths run about 2 miles next to a couple of small lakes. The lakes are a little scummy, but the park is nicely landscaped. There are flowers, picnic pavilions, a bandstand, ducks. Best of all, the local Exchange Club has installed swinging love seats every few hundred feet along the path where you can sit and swing and enjoy the view of the bluffs across the water.
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Points of interest

Winona State University
College campus is a few blocks from the lakes
Sugar Loaf Rd
You can see the Sugar Loaf bluff sticking up beyond the lakes
Winona has two lakes right near downtown
Lake Park Dr
A nice park for a bike ride or stroll

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