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A story about a train station and a famous type of suit.

Tuxedo Park, NY, United States
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Ever wonder where the suit that made James Bond look so good got its name from? Well wonder no more. It came from the community of Tuxedo Park. A private, gated, community for the well heeled, this area become an enclave of rich at the end of the gilded age. The iconic formalwear first became popular here and then took its name from this village. Taking a train to the village I would not have been at all surprised to see tuxedo clad men waiting for the next train in the historic station that has been in continuous service since the 1890s.
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Metro North Railroad
This station is on the Port Jervis line of the railroad.

Points of interest

Tuxedo Lake
This entire lake is off limits as it is within the gated community.
Harriman State Park
This station is on of the public transportation options to Harriman State Park

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