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A self-serve book store in Amsterdam

Amsterdam, NH, Netherlands
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Every time we go to a new country, we purchase an old book in the local language as a souvenir. Because of the abundance of English book stores overseas (who knew?), I often have to research flea markets or used book stores in the city we will be visiting. I was looking on Yelp and I came across the most interesting book store, the Happy Bookieman. What interested me about this store was that even when it's not open (the main shop), it's open. Shelves of books are kept outside, covered in plastic, for people to peruse and purchase at any time of day. The books cost 1.50 Euro, unless they are marked higher on the first page, and you just put the money into the owners mailbox. We were able to swing by early in the morning and pick out a great book for our collection.
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