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A quality nature preserve in an urban setting

Yonkers, NY, United States
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The Lenior Preserve and Nature Center is both a nature preserve and a mansion house, located at the edge of Yonkers NY. Interestingly, the preserve is named after the local Indian tribe that inhabited the area prior to the arrival of Europeans, rather than the family the built the estate in the late 19th century. The preserve is well signed with several walking paths and a butterfly garden, carefully fenced against marauding white tailed deer. Of particular interest is the story of how it came to be a preserve. Developers had apparently purchased the property in the 1970's and had planed a 2000 unit residential development. Local activists intervened and arranged for the purchase of the property and it's conversion to a park and preserve.
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Lenoir Preserve
A nature preserve and mansion house in an urban setting.

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