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A night to remember

Split, Split-Dalmatia County, Croatia
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Shortly after our arrival in Split, we headed to a bar to enjoy giant alcoholic drinks as a group before strolling around downtown. When it started drizzling, we decided to look for a cab to head back to our hotel. By the time we found a row of taxis, they were obviously waiting for their prey as they quoted us 10-100x the normal ride rate. We declined their offers and decided to call Ubers instead. Between two smartphones, our first few requests either never came or got cancelled by the drivers (most likely due to the rain that was getting heavier and heavier). By the time an Uber driver finally arrived an hour later, the five of us were drenched in the thunderstorm! Fortunately, the driver didn't mind the five of us sitting in the car that was meant for four passengers and I had to sit on someone's lap in order for the sedan's door to be able to close. Despite the hassles of the rain, the driver was a God's send who sent us back to our hotel safely in harsh weather. I finished showering and washing my clothes and shoes just in time before the whole hotel suddenly experienced a blackout.
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A costal city along the Adriatic coast in the region of Dalmina.


ShotGun Shooters Bar
ShotGun Shooters Bar
I would consider prices to be on the high side by Croatian standards but drinks (especially Pina Colada) we amazing!

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