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A local landmark just waiting to be restored

Bois d' Arc, KS, United States
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Several years ago, I had some spare time while visiting the Wichita, Kansas area. I had heard about an abandoned 1885 bridge near the former townsite of Gordon, Kansas. Because Gordon does not appear on Google Maps, I will have to use the nearby settlement of Bois d' arc. Because I had some free time, I decided to hop in my own personal car and try to find this bridge. Lo and behold, I found it standing immediately north of the modern concrete bridge that replaced it. There it was, just waiting to be restored.

Everything about this bridge screams "local history". The stone pylons were cut from the native limestone that crops out in the region. The stone was almost certainly cut and laid by one of the many local stonemasons who lived in the area. The trusses were fabricated by the Kansas City Bridge and Iron Co. which was a local firm.

Some folks might look at this bridge and see a rusting eyesore. I do not see it that way. I see it as a potential source of local pride. With the removal of a few trees, the addition of a modern deck, and a paint job, this historic structure could be turned into a great asset. Some see a liability. I see a park. So much potential.
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